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E-Sign & E-Security (Free) Work-from-Home Optimize! Program to Help End-Users During the COVID-19 Resurgence 

In our effort to help customers and friends everywhere adjust to these uncertain times, and adapt to the unique ways COVID-19 work-from-home mandates may impact companies differently by region, we at RPost are resuming our original pandemic program; once again offering free RMail and RSign business licenses, this time, through the end of the year, and longer if necessary, for those organizations in need.

RPost is in a unique position to help worldwide, as its all-in-one service plug-in to Microsoft Outlook, Office 365, Gmail, and web browser interfaces make for easy access from any device, and its free auto-enrollment process makes it self-serve.

If you already have an RMail account, use your same RMail username and password for RSign

If you already have an RSign account, use your same RMail username and password for RMail

See how RMail encrypts email

See how RMail certifies e-delivery proof

See how RSign makes e-signatures simple

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The Easiest Way to Get Signatures on Documents

Supporting Customers Through the COVID-19 Resurgence

We’ve re-opened our pandemic program immediately upon hearing of the new lockdowns mandated in England. We are making this program available everywhere for those who may find themselves in equally challenging business situations; adjusting once again to working remotely – or to further help those already working remotely optimize. We are doing this with affordable (free) feature-rich e-sign and the best in e-security for a more secure home office.

With this program, RPost aims to donate, at no cost, its award winning e-signature, email encryption, file sharing, and e-security software licenses to help customers, friends, and their friends during this exceptional health crisis.

Work-From-Home Essentials

Need to get things done, simply, without an office support team? 

Need productivity tools with security in mind?

Track Email Opening

Need to see who is getting what, seeing what when, who is working when? RMail receipts track email opening regardless of recipient device and without need for any clicks or action at the recipient. 

Simple-to-Use Encryption

Securely encrypt email with the RMail email encryption service; simple enough for senders and especially receivers, so it could be used for lots of back-and-forth communications to and from home offices. For health care providers, RMail encryption provides auditable proof records of HIPAA and GDPR privacy compliance.

E-Sign Now

Need to sign yourself or need to get others to sign? Need forms filled and signed? Both RMail and RSign include e-signature services. Install RMail and you can attach any file to email and send to e-sign yourself and/or others to e-sign. Start with RSign if you want to drag-and-drop fields into documents or forms for a more controlled e-sign process.

Easy File Sharing

Need to send a large file or group of files to your team? Need to create a reusable shared link that will last 30 days or more? Install RMail. RMail large file share auto-creates a secure 30-day online storage box that auto-purges at the end of the period, providing file sharing with more security.

Plus Impostor Email Protection

Protect your staff from the upcoming onslaught of hackers posing as you in sensitive emails. Install RMail for its Anti-Whaling specialized anti-phishing email impostor protection. 

Certify E-Delivery

Need certified e-delivery proof – but don’t want to interact with the FedEx or USPS offices or staff? Install RMail and use its Registered Email™ service; gives email users the ultimate visibility of delivery and open status, as well as court-admissible, certified proof of delivery, time, and exact message content. 

The US Government is reporting that you need to be more vigilant – cyber criminals are looking at this mass work-from-home migration as an opportunity to trick people who must now rely entirely on electronic vs. in-person interaction. Cyber criminals appear to be looking to take advantage of the new opportunities to gain access to systems, information, and funds, according to the US Department of Homeland Security National Cyber Awareness System Alert.

  •  Privacy: (RMail) securely encrypt email, with a simple enough user experience for back-and-forth interaction with staff and clients.
  • Impostor email protection: (RMail) advanced anti-phishing tools to more easily detect the upcoming onslaught of impostor email.

For IT Staff:

Technology providers worldwide have joined this effort of businesses helping businesses in these challenging times.

  • Ingram Micro Worldwide – Service providers sourcing through Ingram Micro in any country can provide this Program to their customers. Fill the form below for assistance.
  • SoftwareOne Worldwide – Any SoftwareOne customer can request access to this Program through its account executive or fill the form below for assistance.
  • Frama Communications Europe-wide – Any Frama customer can access this Program directly from Frama – Click for Frama RMail, Click for Frama RSign.
  • Certicámara Colombia - Any customer in Colombia can request access to this Program with local support through Certicámara or fill the form below for assistance.
  • And more joining every day. Click here to see full list.

One RMail install can provide an entire package of e-security and e-productivity tools to save time. Users can easily self-install or our team can assist with installation. Add RSign for a more controlled e-sign process, forms, or for optimal mobile e-signing.

Click to install RSign or install RMail AppsRMail for Outlook includes a one-click link to RSign.

For additional e-security, fill the form below. We can help you get started fast during this crisis with:

  • Content-based automated HIPAA and GDPR privacy compliant email encryption with a security gateway, with RMail Gateway, or enable rules for RMail if you use already use MDaemon Security Gateway.
  • Advanced recipient address checking to prevent data leaks, with RMail for cleanDocs.
  • Installation of RMail or RSign into or use of APIs.

The install links above work with all of our participating technology providers. More technology providers are joining each day. Interested in joining this coalition? Inquire with the form below.

For IT Procurement:

We know it takes time to work through business purchasing decisions. Due to the urgency, we have set up a process where your users can install and start using RSign and RMail Business plans right away at no cost through May or longer if needed. 

This Program gives your users immediate access to the tools they need today.

Leading industry organizations including The Florida Bar, the British Insurance Brokers Association, and the Association of Professional Compliance Consultants are encouraging their members to use this Program as well, in this time of need. 

IT Providers Are Uniting Behind RPost to Bring Their Clients this Free Work-From-Home Readiness Program

If you would like to join this informal coalition at no cost so as to help your customers, friends, and community fight and beat COVID 19 with the RPost contributed (free) E-Sign and E-Security Work-from-Home Readiness Kit, contact us below for more information. Read more here.

Click here to view program service details and FAQs.

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