Security and Compliance Simplified

You have a legal obligation to ensure outbound email communication containing personal health information is compliant with current laws. Only RMail® returns Legal Proof® delivery records on every send, proving encrypted delivery and content - and protecting your organization from compliance disputes.

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RMail uses 256-bit AES encryption for secure end-to-end delivery.

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Comply with privacy laws such as HIPAA, PII, HITECH, or FSA.

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Receive certified proof of  delivery, time, and exact message content.

Use your existing email address, and send with Outlook, Gmail, or any of our many supported platforms.

E-Signatures Made Simple

RSign® is a web-based e-signature service that enables quick, simple and streamlined workflows.

We've created a better signing experience:

  • Drag-and-drop document preparation
  • Web-based, guided signing
  • Create one-click reusable templates
  • Tracking, reporting + proof of delivery

Easy for both
senders & recipients

Better than "store and forward" services, RMail makes it incredibly easy to send and receive encrypted email. To send, simply compose your email, click "Send Registered," and choose the encrypt option. Recipients receive the encrypted email directly in their inbox.

Getting documents signed electronically with RSign is a breeze. Preparing a document to be signed is as easy as uploading it, then dragging and dropping input fields anywhere on the document. When ready, simply send it to the recipient. Our web-based guided signing process means the recipient can complete the document from almost any web-connected device.

Hear from our customers

“For top brokers, Registered EmailTM messages gives iron-clad proof of performance – evidence that will hold up in court.”

Ken Crerar, President, the Council of Insurance Agents & Brokers

“A claim was denied months after it was submitted because the insurance company Said they didn’t receive timely notice. Since we sent it via RMail, we proved the time Sent, received and opened. The insurance carrier quickly reversed their position.

Pater Prinsen, VP & General Counsel, The Graham Company

“Using RMail makes the entire office more efficient and allows us to spend more time in production, rather than service,”

Lisa Iannotti-Montz, Vice President Personal Lines, Abbate Insurance Agency

“RMail makes me look very very professional, especially when sending secured Encrypted information and attachments.”

David Samson, President, Dasco Insurance Agency, Inc.

“Private information is seamlessly transmitted encrypted for HIPPA compliance and tracked for proof of delivery.”

Fred Carfield, Senior Vice President, The Horton Group

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