How to Use RMail Registered Reply Feature for Both Sender and Receiver

This video explains the Register Reply feature and how to use it for both the sender and the receiver. The Register Reply feature allows the recipient of an RMail® message to reply back to the sender as a registered email message even without having the RMail® software installed.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1: The RMail® user composes an email and selects the ‘Send Registered’ button.

Step 2: When the feature pop-up appears, the user can use the Track & Prove ‘Marked’ or ‘Unmarked’ feature, depending on whether they would like to include the Registered Email™ banner or not.

Step 3: It is important to press the Register Reply checkbox that says, ‘Receive proof of content & time of replies to this email’. By checking this box, the recipient can reply back to the original sender through the RMail® system.

Step 4: When the recipient receives the email (either marked with a banner or unmarked), they can reply using the ‘Reply’ button, which opens up a new compose page with a special address automatically included in the ‘To…’ line that routes the email back through the RMail® system.

Step 5: After adding any content, all the recipient has to do is press ‘Send’.

Step 6: The reply email from the recipient to the original sender is then received as a Registered Email either with or without the Registered Email™ banner, depending on what the original sender selected upon sending.
(If the original sender selects ‘Unmarked’, the reply will still route through the RMail® system but would not have the RMail® banner.)

Step 7: The sender receives two Registered Receipt emails; the first one is the Registered Receipt for the email that was initially sent. After the recipient replies using the RMail® Registered Reply™ feature, the original sender receives a second receipt for the reply email.

Please note, that there are many settings available to configure the RMail service to your needs.