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Send Documents for Electronic Signature

RMail E-Paper automatically converts an email attachment into an eSignature ready image in the recipient’s web browser; by far the most convenient way to use eSign.

RMail E-Paper is an electronic signature service that lets users compose an email, attach a document for eSignature and send it to the recipient right from their Microsoft Outlook, Gmail or other email programs; or automated from a variety of applications. The signer can simply click on the email they receive, script their signature on their browser screen, and add text as needed. The e-signing is complete.

This service feature is called E-Paper because the signer simply clicks a “View & Sign” button in an email invitation to sign, and they are brought to a new tab on their browser with the document available for annotation as though it was paper.

The signer may script, draw, type or add text to the document free form as it is displayed as an image in the recipient’s web browser, using simple mouse and keystrokes.

Senders may obtain signatures for up to 100 recipients on up to 10 attachments per message, either on a first-come first-to-sign basis or sequentially. Senders receive a single PDF with a signature certificate plus a Registered Receipt™ authenticatable forensic audit trail record. Senders may add RMail email encryption for privacy and compliance.

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