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Secure and Trusted

Rely on the security and trustworthiness of RPost APIs to protect your data and enhance your peace of mind. RPost’s services have been trusted by governments and organizations of all sizes all around the world for over 20 years. Our APIs are built to uphold the highest standards of security, ensuring your sensitive information remains confidential.

Powerful and Versatile

Our APIs provide a wide array of features, including Registered Email® services, advanced email encryption, large file sharing, electronic signatures, un-sending attachments, monitoring document access, and more. RPost APIs seamlessly integrate with any ecosystem, whether it’s a CRM, email sending platform, eCommerce, or website.

Reliable and Scalable

Designed for stable performance, our APIs provide consistent service you can count on. What's more, as your business grows and evolves, RPost APIs are ready to scale with you. Their design ensures they can handle an increase in demand, enabling you to expand your services and reach without worrying about the underlying technology.

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RPost’s RSign is an excellent option for our customer base as it is robust yet simple and intuitive for all users and is designed to meet the highest security standards. Documents of all types can be executed quickly and with accuracy and confidence with this integration.

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Krista Weaver

Krista Weaver

President & Chief Operating Officer


Leverage Our Services with Our Advanced API Suite


Route messages to the RMail systems and retrieve transmission and transaction data. RMail APIs support Registered Email® services, advanced email encryption, secure large file share, electronic signatures, and more.

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RSign & RForms API

Integrate full-featured eSignatures and eForms into any platform to send forms and documents for electronic signature. Plus, create reusable templates, prefill forms and backfill record fields, automatically retreive the signed contract and a complete audit trail of signing, and more.

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Integrate RDocs with any platform to seamlessly send documents securely, enforce powerful access restrictions, and collect valuable insights. Additionally, RDocs empowers senders and admins to ban readers or kill the content remotely.

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RMail SMTP Routing

Simply route messages to the RMail system by appending a specific extension to the recipient email address with various X-Headers to activate the different RMail features. RMail SMTP Routing supports Registered Email® services, email encryption, secure large file share, electronic signatures, and more.

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Automated Login and Provisioning

RPost Automated Login and Provisioning APIs improve operational efficiency and enhance user experience. It significantly reduces manual administrative tasks, allowing IT teams to focus more on strategic initiatives.

Outlook DLL Mode

RMail seamlessly installs into Outlook to add robust email security and compliance services, and productivity tools right into the flow of email sending. Furthermore, easily enable, disable and even automate specific features to tailor the application to your organization policies.

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To explore the RPost REST APIs documentation organized by assets and use cases please click on the corresponding Postman documentation link. Once in Postman, by clicking on “Run in Postman”, you can fork or import the collection into your environment.

APIs at Work: Use Cases Powered by Our APIs

AzureAD & SSO

Leverage Azure AD and SSO to empower users to access RPost’s services with a single, unified set of credentials, enhancing user experience while bolstering security. Furthermore, AzureAD & SSO integration gives IT teams greater control and visibility over user access, aiding compliance and reducing potential security risks.

eID and Multi Factor Authentication

Streamline your user verification process by integrating our services with eID and Multi-Factor Authentication. Our APIs make it easy to interface with third-party services that power user authentication with government ID, biometric data, Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA), SMS, Auth mobile apps, and more.

RPostOne for Outlook

RPostOne for Outlook provides a single-click gateway to a suite of powerful RPost services seamlessly integrated within Microsoft Outlook. Thanks to RPost robust APIs, Microsoft Outlook users gain instant access to RMail E-Security and E-Compliance, RSign eSignatures, and RDocs Secure Content Sharing effortlessly, streamlining email and document management experience.

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Celebrating Our Customers Success



We’re helping Shell lower the cost of your gasoline by optimizing trading and shipping operations.

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Applied Systems


We’re helping Applied Systems securely connect the world of insurance so your business will enjoy many beautiful sunsets for years to come.

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Caret legal


We’re helping CARET Legal FKA Zola Suite ensure its software empowers legal clients through streamlined processes that instill peace of mind.

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Plug and Play Apps

Did you know that RPost counts with dozens of out-of-the box apps and integrations with popular tools like Outlook, Salesforce, as well as industry-specific platforms such as CARET Legal, Applied Epic, Bullhorn, XDTI Nexsure and more?

Plus, RPostOne Desktop seamlessly installs onto Windows as a printer driver to infuse virtually any desktop or web app with the best in email encryption, certified email, eSignatures and document security.

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Partner with a team that truly understands your business. Our dedicated integrations team consists of friendly and knowledgeable professionals, ready to assist you every step of the way. With us, you're not just gaining a service; you're gaining a partner committed to your success.

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Elevate your business with services that are as powerful as they are comprehensive. Our APIs are feature rich and enterprise-grade, designed to handle complex processes with efficiency and ease. We offer not just functionality, but also reliability, delivering a level of performance that can meet the demands of any business, large or small.

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Experience the power of simplicity. Our services are designed to be powerful, yet user-friendly, ensuring a seamless experience for both technical and non technical users.

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