5-Stars for You

At RPost, our customers and partners have consistently given our products 5-star ratings across thousands of reviews on more than 20 product review and analyst review platforms and organizations. We’ve also received accolades across industry.

Winner of the World Mail Award for Best in Security, RPost has been consistently identified as among the best.

  • The insurance industry in their CIAB Email Encryption Buyer’s Guide as top choice,
  • Forrester Research in their e-signature report naming RPost as among the top five worldwide with top scores in several categories,
  • Other analysts in various e-signature and e-security reports, including Gartner Research and Osterman Research
  • The JMBM Corporate Counsel Guide as top recommendation for legal e-delivery,
  • The Initiative Mittelstand with their Best Innovation in IT award in Germany, and
  • The Association of Professional Compliance Consultants Top Choice for GDPR Email Data Privacy Compliance,
    ...among many others.

Additionally, we’ve been endorsed or recommended by more than 20 bar and law associations, more than 30 insurance groups and associations, and scores of other industry organizations the world over.

We are pleased to see RPost infusing new artificial intelligence protections into its RMail email security product. RPost’s five new unique approaches mitigate the risk of human error and assure security and privacy compliance while offering an elegant user experience.

Michael Sampson

Senior Analyst at Osterman Research, one of the world’s leading e-security and messaging technology analysts.