Partner Centric

We’re built into the world’s largest technology distribution platforms in dozens of countries via Ingram Micro, Tech Data, Frama Communications, among others, who specialize in providing local RPost tech know how to the most sophisticated companies and small business.

Some of RPost’s customer-facing teams at international partner conferences.

Why Do Our Partners Choose Us?

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Perhaps it’s our expansive enterprise-grade features at a lower cost.

If you have electronic signatures somewhere in your organization’s processes and are looking at renewal options or reducing cost as you expand use, RMail® and RSign® provide all the functionality that you need at approximately half the cost.

Or, that we are ready to connect.

With a full set of APIs and pre-built apps (i.e., Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce), RMail® and RSign® are ready to seamlessly integrate with virtually any software on the market.

Of course, we help you stay compliant.

RMail® and RSign® map perfectly to the GDPR and HIPAA compliance points of protecting privacy plus maintaining the accountability processes to be able to demonstrate compliance.

And we assure the highest levels of eSignature legalities.

RMail® and RSign® provide the sender with the highest levels of email and eSign audit trail and timestamped transaction authentication record for compliance with ESIGN, UETA, E-IDAS, court acceptability and other e-delivery, encryption and eSignature legalities.

It could be our best-in-class customer success and partner success teams.

Many customers choose RMail® and RSign® after reviewing the marketplace. They realize the RMail® and RSign® teams are the most helpful, flexible, innovative, and knowledgeable.

For some, surely, it’s our commitment to continuous innovation.

Unlike many e-signature and e-security companies that were acquired by larger investment groups, at RPost we answer to only customers and partners. This allows us to have a true customer-driven product roadmap and gives us the autonomy and agility to develop alongside our customers’ evolving needs.

Or perhaps it’s our vast experience—we’ve served 25+ million users worldwide since 2000.

RMail® and RSign® have been used for more than two decades in more than 100 countries worldwide by governments and businesses of all sizes. Services are used by customers in English, German, French, Dutch, Danish, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Lithuanian, Latvian, Hungarian, Norwegian, and other languages.

Whatever the reason, our partners know we’re here for them.

We Try Harder for Our Partners.

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We ensure partner success.

All partners are assigned a dedicated Partner Success Manager who acts as their main point of contact and partner manager. Partner Success Managers coordinate with RPost internal teams to provide support in various areas such as marketing, sales, training, definition of go-to-market strategy with new sales leads, and even investing in commercial efforts.

We provide free end-user licenses and training.

RPost offers partners free end-user service licenses not only for test or demo purposes, but also to automate and optimize their own business processes.

We support partner marketing efforts.

Our marketing team is ready to support our partners in joint marketing efforts from campaign planning, strategy and execution, including allocation of development funds.

And, our sales experts provide best-in-class sales support.

RPost provides a wide range of support to partners in their commercial efforts: from training agents to delivering product demos, and even leading outreach campaigns.

When it comes to the bottom line, we offer great margins.

RPost margins are way above the average within the Ingram Micro and MSP ecosystems. And with one of the highest attach rates, RPost provides partners with unique opportunities to re-capture eSignature and e-security revenue from solutions purchased direct. Plus, it helps diversify portfolios beyond Microsoft, mitigating risk of revenue churn. Contact us to see how much you can profit by switching your customers to RSign and RMail services – adding them right into Microsoft 365.

And all of this with a truly flexible pricing model.

The RSign and RMail pricing models are ready to adapt to any customers’ business size and needs. We keep it simple and with no hidden charges for some of the most advanced automation capabilities. We’ll even work with you to personalize offers and discounts among other benefits.

We try harder to ensure your success. Our manifesto is to not only be there for our partners, but also to be there for their potential and existing customers. This maximizes customer satisfaction, boosts retention and reduces churn.