Global Standard

We’ve set the global standard for secure and certified e-communications.

  • Legal Proof® records: legal, verifiable, audit-ready, and/or court accepted proof of who said what when by email (our Registered Email™ service);
  • Proof of who signed what when with a strong audit trail (our RSign® service); or
  • Proof of fact of encrypted delivery compliance with a visible and authenticatable record of end-to-end encryption (our RMail Registered Encryption™ service).

Our patents -- and our commercialization of these patented technologies -- date back to the early 2000’s, and our customers began enjoying our services built upon our patented technologies soon thereafter.

Our first U.S. federal government enterprise customers began relying on our technologies as their electronic Legal Proof® record in 2003. In 2005, global law firms began relying on Registered Email™ proof, and soon thereafter, global insurers, telecoms, aerospace and defense, among other international organizations. By 2007, our technology was being relied upon every day in 193 countries as an international governmental electronic Legal Proof® record. By 2009, U.S. federal government regulators were relying on our electronic Legal Proof® record in U.S. federal courts, and it has been a standardized court-accepted electronic proof record ever since.

We’ve been helping the United States Congress’ Government Accountability Office ensure that government bid protests are properly and timely adjudicated since 2003 with our Registered Email™ service. Our services have been provided on the US Government GSA Schedule 70 through our partner AT&T continuously since then.

International government organizations including the United Nations’ World Intellectual Property Organization converted paper legal notices to electronic since 2007 with our Registered Email™ service, which has been relied upon as a legal record of timestamped content e-delivered in 193 countries.

We’ve been helping the United States Securities and Exchange Commission moderate financial markets by facilitating their ability to send enforcement notifications and other legal notices by email and with court accepted proof of content and timestamp delivered. They’ve been doing this via our Registered Email™ service since 2009.

The United States Department of Agriculture has optimized their abilities to moderate the world of food certifications, by way of converting to our Registered Email™ service since 2012.

With regards to electronic signatures, our Registered Email™ patented technologies have provided assurance related to the legalities of electronic signatures for a generation of users and have been licensed for billions of electronic transactions. We pioneered acceptance of the first auto title electronic transfers with the California Department of Motor Vehicles based on our technologies. Mercury Insurance was the first to enjoy the benefits of e-title transfers, and they have relied on our RSign electronic signature technology for more than a million auto title transfers for over a decade.

While regulated companies have counted on our Registered Email™ encryption technology since it was first endorsed by The Council of Insurance Agents and Brokers in 2004, clinical research organizations like ICON have sped-to-market life saving treatments by relying on our Registered Encryption™ technology for proof of compliance e-delivery and with assurance of mission-critical privacy compliance.

At our Optimize! global user conferences and customer success interactions, we’ve captured hundreds of great customer stories from leading companies like Coca Cola, Allianz, Tata, Xerox, Mercury Insurance, Ingram Micro, Jungheinrich, Impellam, and US Government regulators among many others.

Global Standard Logos

Our customer experiences over the years can be summarized best by some of our conference panelists. Take their word for it: “Phenomenal...absolutely essential...” described Loudoun County, Virginia’s deputy treasurer. “RPost has been awesome in working with us” added the litigation support branch chief from the US Securities & Exchange Commission.

We’re proud to have set the global standard for secure and certified e-communications, and we’re even prouder to have worked with our customers over the years so that they and their customers could enjoy all the benefits.