RMail and cleanDocs: Simplifying Email Security for Law Firms Everywhere

See how RMail secures email

See how RMail certifies e-delivery proof

RMail provides end-to-end email security, privacy compliance, certified e-delivery proof, and more. cleanDocs adds recipient verification and meta data cleaning.

Email Recipient Address Checking by cleanDocs, verifies the intended email recipients are correct.

Advanced Metadata and Attachment Management by cleanDocs, cleans hidden data from email attachments, instantly and easily.

RMail now includes advanced data leak prevention services from DocsCorp:

No more working in two applications. Simply check the boxes for recipient checking, metadata cleaning, encryption, tracking and proving delivery, or e-signing, and send from within the Outlook interface.

If you do not use RMail but would like to, we have included a base RMail service plan with cleanDocs software – you can now use it, try it, and enjoy it at no additional cost. 

If you would like to learn more, or purchase a RMail business plan, complete the form at the bottom of the page.

RMail users can access multiple new email security options from cleanDocs directly from a single interface; email security, encryption, e-signatures, recipient verification, and attachment metadata management.

RMail Essential Functions:

Track and Prove

Registered Email™ gives email users the ultimate visibility on delivery and open status, as well as court-admissible, certified proof of delivery, time, and exact message content. 


RMail® encryption protects sensitive information and documents, providing auditable proof of privacy and compliance. It's simple for the sender, within cleanDocs, and even simpler for recipients. 


RSign® e-signatures are about closing deals faster, recording with irrefutable proof, and automating business processes. RMail includes RSign, with a variety of levels of e-signature services to suit your needs. 

Use your existing email address to send RMail messages from cleanDocs in Outlook or Office 365 Outlook.

adds more essential functions!

Email Recipient Checking

Email recipient address checking by cleanDocs makes it easy to quickly verify that your intended recipient will be the one to receive your email. cleanDocs prompts users to check and confirm email recipient addresses, using predictive technology that provides varying levels of alerts designed to maximize security while minimizing user input.

Advanced Attachment Metadata Management

Metadata Management by cleanDocs cleans hidden data about email attachments, instantly and easily. Simply attach to an email and select Clean – it scrubs the metadata and sends instantly, removing more than 100 different types of hidden information from Office documents.

Charles Russell Speechlys use cleanDocs and RMail to email securely and prevent data leaks.

"Our lawyers are often working to a deadline, so the fewer pop-ups or checkboxes they see, the better. Bringing all the security and compliance features of cleanDocs and RMail together on the same screen ensures our staff can work quickly and securely.” 

-Abba Abbaszadi, Head of Information Technology, Charles Russell Speechlys LLP

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