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We’re not just securing email and eSigning.

We’re helping British Telecom ensure you are protected from the nefarious when communicating inter-network.

And we’ve been with them since 2011.

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Primary Use

Registered Email™ e-delivery proof

Open Quotes

In my current role, we had a billing query at a cost of £135,000. The customer was advised that he never received any correspondence from us and due to that fact he wanted a credit. As we used RMail Registered Email™ service, we had proof of item sent, item delivered, and item opened. Due to this fact, there was no case for the customer and we were able to close the case without any arguments. This has happened several times. Great work RPost!

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Liam McCool

British Telecom

Main Benefit

British Telecom (BT) modernized legal AIT notices related to artificially inflated traffic

British Telecom, a British multinational telecommunication holding company, opted to modernize its AIT notice process and move from the current methods (primarily fax) to RMail® Registered Email™ service. Now all AIT notices from BT are being sent as Registered Email messages, which provides assured, legal, and verifiable proof of e-delivery. This reduced the challenges that were otherwise present in cases of a disagreement among parties about email delivery, content or uniform timestamp. The receiver of a Registered Email™ message need not to be part of the RMail system and the recipient is not required to do anything different on their end — no acknowledgements, click-throughs, or downloads required.


Specialty sending application automatically routes outbound messages of a certain type via SMTP routing to the RMail global processing networks, sending specially formatted to receive via SMTP, the Registered Receipt™ e-delivery proof and audit trail forensics.

British Telecom is one of the largest wholesale telecommunications providers. We've been helping them mange international fraud with internationally accepted legally valid proof of delivery of critical notices alerting partners of potential malicious activity on their networks. We provide them a simple way to improve overall safety of operations.

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