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We’re not just securing email and eSigning.

We are helping CPN Legal to provide secure financial data and financial reporting to their clients.

And we’ve been with them since 2020.

RMail. For providing security to financial data of law firms. Secure content

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Law firm accounting

Primary Use

RMail features makes it easy for preparing and sharing financial reports and workflow with various law firms and it also provides the sense of security to the clients.

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You as lawyers have a lot of documents that you like to send through Outlook that probably should be encrypted or sent in a secure manner and that’s why I wanted to expose you guys to this great product [RMail] that we’ve been using ourselves for a number of years.

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Peggy Gruenke

Peggy Gruenke

Founder and Co-Owner, CPN Legal

Main Benefit

CPN Legal specializes in law firm accounting for law firms across the country. They reconcile their accounts and prepare financial reports.

CPN Legal reports the main benefits and advantages of RMail are:

  1. Encryption: This feature makes it easy for the clients to trust them as it gives them a sense of belief that the data is encrypted and secured with the red banner.
  2. Registered Receipt & Proof of delivery: This feature ensures that the document or attachment is delivered and opened by the client and there is a legal proof of the delivery, content and time of delivery.
  3. It also helps them when any law firm sues them in court and they can use RMail as a proof of delivery.
  4. Large file sharing: This feature ensures the sending of large files to the clients without them being bounced.
  5. Side Note feature: This feature is also used extensively while sending balance sheet to the clients, wherein they can copy their seniors/ management with some additional comments and follow ups

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CPN Legal specializes in creating and managing financial reports for various law firms across the country using RMail features.

CPN Legal offers comprehensive accounting and book keeping services to law firms and Clio Grow and manage setup and workflow design.

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