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We’re not just securing email and eSigning.

We’re helping The Doctors Company keep your doctor focused on cures by simplifying private communications.

And we’ve been with them since 2014.

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Primary Use

Automatic encryption with Registered Email™ e-delivery proof

Main Benefit

Easy email privacy compliance — email encryption that is so simple-to-use (for both sender and recipient) that it is reliably used; simplifying HIPAA compliance related to email.

The Doctors Company, one of the largest physician owned medical malpractice insurer with about 80,000 physicians insured in the United States, needed a simple-to-use, privacy-compliant, and secure communication system – one that would not burden physician recipients. By integrating RMail® for Outlook into The Doctors Management Company’s employee email, staff could easily communicate in a secure manner with their physician network, while staying HIPAA compliant. RMail added an affordable encrypted email communication solution that returned a Registered Receipt™ delivery tracking and proof record for each message sent. This Registered Receipt email record also serves as audit-ready proof of HIPAA privacy compliance on a message-by-message level. RMail additionally makes it easy to send secure and HIPAA compliant image and large files, up to 1 GB per send, right from the Microsoft Outlook interface.

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Senders have the RMail for Outlook app installed, and when using the encrypt feature, the RMail service sends privately, automatically detecting the simplest user experience at the recipient (for ease of use), returning a Registered Receipt proof of HIPAA privacy compliance.

The Doctors Company is the largest medical malpractice insurance provider in the United States, insuring more than 80,000 physicians. We’ve been making it easier to move more high value communications among physician offices and insurers by e-mail, all the while meeting the security and HIPAA compliance privacy demands required within the health care industry.

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