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Primary Use

Registered Email™ e-delivery proof

Main Benefit

Enhanced compliance.

In an ultra-regulated world, Euronext, a pan-European stock market operator, implemented RMail to strengthen its external communication system. RMail enabled Euronext to automatically receive robust evidentiary records for important email correspondence in the form of Registered Receipt™ email record. RMail enhances compliance for Euronext while maintaining user simplicity and flexibility for use with risk and regulatory compliance communications.

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Senders have the RMail for Outlook app installed, and when using the Registered Email™ service, the sender receives an automatic analysis of the delivery forensics, cryptographically sealed to the delivery content and timestamp, and packaged as a Registered Receipt™ proof record.

Euronext is the financial trading marketplace in the world. We've been enhancing their operations with assured and instantly e-delivery, with timestamped auditable proof of content delivered for important communications relating to financial trading operations.

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