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We’re not just securing email and eSigning.

We‘re helping GGZ Rivierduinen’s HR Department be GDPR compliant with secure eSign communications.

And we’ve been with them since 2021.

RMail & RSign. For Health Care. Mental Health Care.

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Health Care
Mental Health Care
RMail® & RSign®

Primary Use

RMail and RSign automate sending messages with e-delivery proof or for eSignatures.

Watch full video of Astrid Bon-Stikkelorum discuss at OPTIMIZE!™ 2021.

Open Quotes

I work at the Department of Mental Health (HR), and we handle a lot of documents that need to be signed by the employee for new hiring, as well as for existing employees. Before the pandemic, we all sent documents by post. And then we discovered RMail with VISMA, and it is the solution with easy-to-use features such as reporting and confirmations of content. And it’s a GDPR-complaint process. So it’s a great solution for us.

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Astrid Bon-Stikkelorum

Astrid Bon-Stikkelorum

Senior Associate HR/Functional Manager, GGZ Rivierduinen

Main Benefit

RMail and RSign automate sending messages with e-delivery proof or for eSignatures in the human resource management and other modules. Both RMail and RSign reduce cost and risk, speed business, and thereby increase corporate profitability.

RMail® provides legal e-delivery proof, email encryption, and certified email notifications. RMail nearly eliminates all paper and first class, receipt, and certified mail costs.

RSign® provides feature-rich and affordable electronic signatures and digital forms automation to help reduce time to on-board and maintain client and staff relationships, all while dramatically reduce costs.


RMail® and RSign® are built in as options within GGZ Rivierduinen using the SMTP email routing options, returning the final Registered Receipt™ and eSignature records into the system to trigger follow-on activities. When using the RMail® Registered Email™ service, the sender receives an automatic analysis of the delivery, eSign, and email encryption forensics, cryptographically sealed to the delivery content and timestamp, and packaged as a Registered Receipt™ proof record.

GGZ Rivierduinen is The Netherlands & largest Mental Health Organization, founded through the merger of the Rijngeest group and the Robert-Fleury foundation. GGZ Rivierduinen is based in the Randstad area and provides polyclinic help, daytime treatment and if necessary clinical treatment. GGZ Rivierduinen offers mental health services for adults, elderly people, youth and children.

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