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We’re not just securing email and eSigning.

We’re helping Impellam speed placement of people from around the world into great companies, seamlessly.

And we’ve been with them since 2020.

RSign. For Legal. Staffing & Human Resources

Human Resources
UK, USA, Australia

Primary Use

RSign® eSignatures to speed human resource, staffing, and employment documentation and contracting.

Watch full video of Paul Davis discuss RSign at Optimize!2020.

Open Quotes

We were using two different electronic signature platforms. We went to tender and looked at four. More options were ticked with RSign. What enthused me more was the innovation not only now, but the planned — the platforms we had been using were becoming a bit stale. RSign was not just looking at here and now but future proofing for down the road. It was quite a simple transition to RSign.

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Paul Davis

Paul Davis

Commercial Manager, Impellam

Main Benefit

RSign® operates within the web user interface and in some areas is integrated into third party staffing and human resource platform CRMs.

RSign® provides feature-rich and affordable (privacy compliant) eSignature and digital forms automation to help users reduce time needed to manage human resources and staffing electronic signatures, digital forms and maintain speed relationships, improving overall operations and recruit satisfaction and closing business faster; all while dramatically reducing business and administrative time, cost, and risk.


RSign® REST API are built into the third party CRM applications, with the RSign user experience customized so that follow-on activities may be triggered from message status, eSign status, proof of delivery data, and eSignature forms data that backfill into the client record.

Impellam is a global talent acquisition, managed workforce, and staffing provider, recently completed global eSignature RFP to replace two incumbent electronic signature providers, one in Europe, one in Americas, with one global eSign solution, RSign.

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