We’re not just securing email and e-signing.

We’re helping DMI Networking Solutions empower their clients in the dental industry with the security and privacy compliance they need and peace-of-mind.

And we’ve been doing it with them since 2021.

RMail & RSign. For IT Providers. Security & Digital Transformation

RMail & RSign
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Medical Technical Consultants

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RMail® & RSign®

Primary Use:

Registered Encryption™ to automate email encryption for privacy compliance and audit requirements. Track & Prove registered email for proof of delivery for important emails provides risk mitigation and audit-ready records of disclosure e-delivery and privacy compliance.

Watch full video of Darryl Oliver discuss RSign at Optimize!2020.

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RMail has been our choice for secure email because of how easy it is to use – not only for the sender, but for the recipient as well. Moving all of our clients to RMail reduced our incoming calls from recipients of encrypted emails to zero. The service is HIPAA compliant, and plugs into Outlook nicely so that our clients can keep their email addresses. We also utilize their RSign platform, which can be set up to use a PDF as a template, or you can make your own. RMail is one of our favorite partners.

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Dan Gospe COO, DMI Networking

Dan Gospe

COO, DMI Networking

Main Benefit:

RMail® adds simple-to-use HIPAA email encryption privacy compliance to existing email systems including Microsoft Office 365 Outlook, Outlook Online, Gmail, and G-Suite, with Registered Receipt™ email tracking and e-delivery proof. RSign® enhances client business with e-signatures, feature-rich, flexible plans, and affordable for all businesses.

RSign® provides simple to use and secure electronic signature services.


Automation: RMail® automatically determines the simplest, highly secure and HIPAA compliant email encryption for the recipient. RSign® automates e-signatures and helps fill forms, sign, and complete documentation with ease.

DMI Networking is a provider of information technology solutions for the dental industry and has made RMail and RSign services available to enhance security and compliance for dental businesses in and around the Bay Area.

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