We’re not just securing email and e-signing.

We’re working with MDaemon to guide IT staff toward a simpler way to think about automating email privacy compliance.

And we’ve been with them since 2018.

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RMail® & RSign®

Primary Use

RMail adds outbound messaging security, e-signature, and compliance services that run within the Email Server and Security Gateway applications.

Watch full video of Branden Haines discuss RMail at Optimize!2020.

opening quote

The RMail and RSign feedback has been great. Everyone wants to use these products. The senior-level attorneys are always going to use RPost if they send anything out…The fact that RMail is going to be integrated with cleanDocs is going to encourage more use.

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Branden Haines, CTO at Dickinson Law

Branden Haines

CTO, Dickinson Law

Main Benefit

RMail adds a variety of high value messaging security, e-signature, and compliance services that run within the Email Server and Security Gateway applications and interfaces, adding unique security, productivity, and compliance services to the MDaemon email products. RMail® and RSign® speed business, reduce administrative time, reduce IT complexity, and make software services more affordable.

Users benefit with simple automation rules or one-click options to send Registered Email™ messages to track, prove, and certify content and timestamp of e-delivery, options to encrypt the message and attachments, send for electronic signature, send large file transfers, and enable additional e-security and e-collaboration options. E-sign contracts and Registered Receipt™ proof records import into the sender inbox structure.


RMail® and RSign® are embedded into MDaemon email application and security products, with messages tagged for RMail features ad-hoc or with automation rules routed for RMail application processing. RMail for MDaemon technologies preserves the native functionality and the outbound SMTP message stream. The RMail large file transfer services use RMail REST API. RSign is connected using REST API.

Each e-sign completion and each message sent return the final Registered Receipt™ and e-sign records into the sender’s Inbox (into auto-generated receipt and contracts folders). These include delivery and e-sign forensics, cryptographically sealed to the delivery content and timestamp, and packaged as a Registered Receipt™ proof record or a signature certificate record. Other receipt and contract routing options are available.

MDaemon Technologies have supported email users around the world for two decades.

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