RMail Outlook Support Log

The RMail® App for Microsoft Outlook allows you to send with Track & Prove, encrypt, eSign, File share, and other features.

In rare cases, there may be a conflict with other apps or other performance issues. If this is the case, the RMail support team may ask you for a support log. A support log summarizes the information on your Microsoft Outlook with regards to other apps, settings, or possible errors.

Step-by-Step Instructions

To obtain a support log for Microsoft Outlook, please follow these steps,

1. Press ‘File’

2. Click on ‘RMail Settings’ at the bottom,

3. When you press the ‘Support Request’ button, a pop-up will appear that indicates that the support request email has been saved in your drafts folder

4. When you open the support request email from your drafts folder, there is a place to write a description of any issues that you may be having

The support request log has information that’s important for the technicians to assist with any problems that you may be having. (It has non-private information such as the RMail add-in version, your version and bit-version of Microsoft Outlook, and any other add-ins that you’re running that could possibly be conflicting with the RMail app for Microsoft Outlook).

5. The support request email also has two attachments. One is the RMail settings that you have for Microsoft Outlook, and the other contains any error logs generated due to any conflicts or performance issues.
a) The first step is to describe your issue at the top of the email
b) The second step is to email the support log to the support address:

6. When you’re ready, press the ‘Send’ button and the email will be sent to the RMail support technicians. You will receive a confirmation email with the link to create a ticket. Once you create a ticket, an RMail representative will contact you.