How to Use the SideNote® Feature in RMail

This video focuses on the RMail® SideNote® feature. Have you ever copied or blind copied a recipient on an email and then had to send another email explaining why they were copied? Have you ever been copied on an email that isn’t clear why you were copied? Have you ever not copied someone on an email because you were worried they would reply all? SideNote® is very helpful in those types of situations. SideNote® gives context and instruction to the copied recipients. It explained whether there’s an action to take or not take.

Step-by-Step Instructions

RMail Side Note Feature can be used by sender by following the simple steps.

Step 1: Compose an email, press the Send Registered button. If there is address in the ‘cc’ and/or ‘bcc’ field, the SideNote® text box will activate.

Step 2: The sender may use the SideNote® feature in conjunction with any of the RMail features. In this case, it’s a document sent for signature.

Step 3: On the feature pop-up, simply select the ‘Cc’ and/or ‘Bcc’ checkbox and added note that will be visible only to those recipients, not to the recipients in the ‘To’ field.