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NM Infocom and RPost: AI-Enabled Email Encryption - Protect Your Business Against Financial Losses

In this webinar, Manish Nikte, NM Infocom and Sreenath Gottivedu, RPost present important email security and AI-infused cybersecurity features that will help businesses ward off email impersonation threats.

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Most organizations in India are battling phishing or spoofing – broadly termed impersonation frauds over the last two years, where the fraudsters orchestrate the attack by posing as the company’s CEO, president, or vendor and successfully siphoning off money. Though such attacks require sophisticated techniques of social engineering, it is found that the scammers were easily able to exploit an organization’s weak email security policies and cybersecurity solutions.

A simple antidote is adopting an email cybersecurity solution that not just secures your emails and attachments but also leverages new-age technologies, such as AI to protect the sensitive data within the emails from falling into the wrong hands.

This webinar will focus on how RMail® specializes in email security and compliance with its top-rated email encryption and AI-infused capabilities to prevent costly phishing and other email attacks.

Summary of the Webinar


  • Introduction to email encryption 
  • Showcasing the key cybersecurity features that protect your business from fraud 
  • A brief introduction on how to get started with RMail