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AI meets DLP: Enter the new era of email data leak prevention and pre-emption (aka DLP)

This expert webinar is designed for operational, finance, and senior business executives as well as IT security, risk, and email operational staff. The topics and tech tips will include a review of various technologies including Microsoft DLP, RMail, and RDocs, and solutions that are better when used together.

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The concept of data leak prevention has been around since the beginning of time, historically evolving only with major shifts in technology. Considering the speed of business today, along with how email address caches have advanced and the trickiness of cybercriminal impostor lures, we’ve never seen such a heighted risk of human error triggered data leaks. It is time to re-think data leak prevention in a more dynamic way.

Summary of the Webinar

Email security experts will review the security leaks and risks on the outbound email message stream:

1. The art of the mis-send.

2. There is beauty with (domain) age.

3. To block or unblock, that is the (traditional) question of DLP.

4. To secure (or believe you are securing) the transmission of permissible content.

5. Why not always encrypt through to and at the recipient (in their inbox).

6. How to detect email eavesdropping, and where is the weak link for those who have secured the sender and transmission?

7. How to kill a mis-send, after the document has been exposed out in the ether?