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AI Security Session: If an Information Leak is Not Seen, is there a Breach?

This session will explore the current state and now available new AI-infused state of the art in dealing with these data loss issues.

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If a tree falls in the woods, does it make a sound? If an information leak is not seen, is there a breach? This session will review the challenges with mis-sent sensitive information, cybercriminal or espionage siphoned documents that could – if seen by the wrong person – cause significant reputation damage, competitive risk, cyber insurance cost boosters, reporting requirements, or other losses. Is it possible to auto-kill these mis-sent documents even after delivery to external parties? Well, now there is; now its possible to have a remote control to auto-kill, auto-expire, or re-assign access to documents even after delivery to recipient devices or storage on recipient (intended or unintended) devices.

Summary of the Webinar

The state of the art in addressing data loss issues will be discussed in this presentation, along with the recently developed AI-infused advanced technology.