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AI Session: Entering a Wave of Cybercriminal Impostor Chaos the World Has Never Seen

AI is everywhere. This session will discuss the difference between Left Brain and Right Brain AI, and preview what is coming (not in years, but in months) that will blow your mind.

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Rather than repeating the newfound cliché that AI will create incredible propaganda and investment opportunities, in this session, we will provide a futurist (not way in the future but in the future this year) perspective of what the world will look like considering the ability of AI to digitally “clone” you, your supplier seller, your customer buyer, your client, your mentor, your hero, or your adversary. We will present real-world examples of AI use by the good guys and AI use by the dark side.

As Warren Buffett remarked at his recent annual meeting: "Obviously, AI has potential for good things too, but based on the one [deep fake scam] I saw recently, I practically would send money to myself over and over to some crazy country.” Buffet went on to say, referring to AI-enabled scamming, “It’s going to be the growth industry of all time.”

Summary of the Webinar

In this session, JP Paquette, an intelligence analyst (former) from the U.S. National Security Agency, and Zafar Khan, CEO, RPost will provide a futurist perspective of what the world will look like.