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Broker Expo: RPost for Insurance Brokers

We hope to see you at Broker Expo on 11th November if you are planning to attend. Join us on stand 11 to learn what’s new and cool at RPost for Insurance Brokers.

RPost is a BIBA-accredited facility providing RMail® secure and certified electronic messaging, together with RSign electronic signatures.

RMail® is a valuable tool to help members comply with e-delivery requirements and data privacy rules. “RMail encryption enables brokers to send safe and secure electronic communications, and will also help brokers and their clients arm in the battle with cyber-crime,” comments Shaune Worrall’, Technical Services Manager, British Insurance Brokers Association (BIBA).

Here is a preview of what we will share at Stand 11:

Our RSign e-signature platform includes all the feature-richness you will need (ask us for anything), security and compliance modes, connecting directly into iManage, NetDocuments, Microsoft 365 and more.

Our RMail e-security platform not only provides the most dynamic (and simple-to use) email encryption service, but also now specialises in e-security services to protect from human error, including:

  • Right Recipient™ AI alerts the sender when it determines that he or she is about to send sensitive information to a recipient who he or she has not sent sensitive information to in the recent past.
  • Registered Encryption™ provides proof per message of whether or not the email transmitted encrypted, and if so, the level of and adequacy of encryption from the sender desktop to the recipient inbox.

As a global leader in e-signature and cybersecurity services, we’ve specialised in email encryption for privacy and compliance, e-signature automation, legal e-delivery proof, document rights management, and AI-infused services to prevent data leaks and human e-security errors, for more than a decade. Acturis and Applied Systems insurance management platforms, among others, have embedded RPost services into their offerings.

If you are not planning on attending Broker Expo, you can contact us here.