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Cybersecurity Meets AI: The Art of the Possible

Join RPost’s CEO Zafar Khan as he decodes for you, the current state of AI and cybersecurity.

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The 1990s were about “personal” computers on every desktop. The 2000s about the web browser, providing remote access to a server. The 2010s we were all-in on mobile. For the 2020s we're entering an entirely new paradigm of computing; a new generation around AI mimicking not only the analytical mind, but the creative. 

While you’ll be dazzled by the good in AI tech today, you’ll be astounded at the innovation of today’s cybercriminals to hyper-target.

Summary of the Webinar

(a) AI from a “left brain” analytical and “right brain” creative perspective, 
(b) what’s "really" new, demystifying all this AI chatter, 
(c) the AI technology stack and money investments, and 
(d) the AI intersection with cybersecurity for the good and the evil.