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Florida Bar: Power of Proof (of E-Delivery)

Email delivery may sometimes seem like magic – and perhaps it (almost) is when it works. We’ll spare the technicalities of the email plumbing, but there are some things Lawyers and their staff need to know before it is too late. What happens if that important legal document was sent but claimed not to be received? What happens if that legal notice to the client disappears in the ether? There are so many misconceptions about email delivery and read receipt tracking that we’ll spend time reviewing what you need to know about email delivery.

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Karla J. Eckardt, Practice Management Advisor at The Florida Bar and Zafar Khan, CEO at RPost, will present important email delivery tips, what is truth vs. myth, and what some of the common acronyms of email deliverability mean (SPF, DKIM, SMTP).

Summary of the Webinar

Karla J. Eckardt and Zafar Khan will cover the following topics:

  • How email delivery works and might not work (SPF, DKIM, SMTP).
  • How Outlook and other read receipts might not provide the answers.
  • How Registered Receipt™ email records track and prove.
  • Why tracking and proof of e-delivery is central to the business of insurance.
  • What is Registered Encryption?