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Florida Bar: Tech Tips and Best Practices for Legal Professionals

RPost, The Florida Bar and LegalFuel educate legal professionals on how to be more productive and discuss court-accepted proof of email delivery, e-signatures and common pitfalls with free email platforms.

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In this webinar, Alex Khan, VP of Global Services at RPost and Jonathon Israel, Director of The Florida Bar’s LegalFuel point out products and features that will be vital for legal professionals, including how lawyers and legal firms can harness the power of RMail® and RSign® for email encryption, Registered Email™ service proof of delivery, and e-signatures.

Top Tech Tips for Legal Professionals Florida Bar Webinar

Summary of the Webinar

Alex Khan and Jonathon Israel cover the following topics:

– Court-accepted proof of email delivery; how to send e-certified from Outlook or Gmail;
– A primer on e-signatures, feature richness and more affordability;
– What you might be missing with your free email platform (security and other pitfalls); and
– Best times to send important emails and why.