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Keystone Insurers Group: The Secret To Pre-Empting Cyberattacks On Your Agency

This session will get into the technical details of what exactly is happening and specific tactics to identify cybercriminal patterns in advance of a loss, pre-empting the steal.

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The FBI reports that 2.7 billion dollars was mis-wired by businesspeople and payers in 2022, most of it irretrievably sent to offshore accounts. Cybercriminal trickery is accelerating and becoming ever-more sophisticated. And now, enter AI…

Also, we will share real-life experiences combating this epidemic of Business Email Compromise and most importantly – what your agency can do to stop these attacks before they become a problem.

Summary of the Webinar

In this session, you’ll gain insights you can employ right away – insights that will give you real-time data to be a hero for the benefit of your company plus the ecosystem of your partners and your clients.