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New & Cool: Nov 15
RMail E-Security

New & Cool: RMail E-Security is a product user experience showcase session presented by Martin Alterman, Product Marketing Director at RPost and Tanguy Robet, Cybersecurity Product Manager at RPost, focusing on the latest features.

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See in action our latest enhancement to RMail, called PRE-Crime. This suite of tech pre-empts cyber-crimes related to BEC and Wire Fraud using never-been-seen-before new targeted attack defenses. Truly unique.

Summary of the Webinar

We’ll cover and demo:

  • RMail’s new BEC-focused PRE-Crime targeted attack defensive technologies that include automated insights for users and admins about (a) whether their staff or recipient’s email accounts are being eavesdropped on or they are about to reply to a domain that looks like a replica of a clients’ or suppliers’ and more tools to pre-empt and thwart cybercrimes after the hook is in, before the steal.
  • RMail Gateway’s email encryption, email Active Tracker, and Email Eavesdropping alert automation -- the configuration of RMail email security services that can run harmoniously with any other email security gateway services or email program, letting one continue to enjoy the traditional benefits of what one currently uses while optimizing their outbound email security experience with RMail.