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New & Cool: Nov 17
RSign eSignatures

New & Cool: RSign eSignatures is a product user experience showcase session presented by Martin Alterman, Product Marketing Director at RPost and Stephanie Dolder, Customer Success Specialist at RPost, focusing on the latest features.

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See feature-rich and more affordable eSign in action; with all the security, privacy, legalities and compliance components that could need. Plus we’ll unveil our updated mobile signing experience and other new and cool features.

Summary of the Webinar

We’ll cover and demo:

  • RSign’s simple user experience plus sophisticated settings and configuration options to let you accomplish what you need, even for the most obscure workflows.
  • We’ll cover the new Windows add-in for RSign, that lets you send for RSign from any web application, CRM, document repository, Teams or other Office interface, with a few clicks; and see eSign status as pop-ups in your Windows desktop. We have bridged “Web” application with “Desktop” convenience.
  • We’ll review any of our integrations, Salesforce, other insurance, legal, HR, staffing, etc. integrations that you may ask about.