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Legal and Contracts

Power of Proof for Zola Suite Users

Join us for a must-see webinar for anyone that manages legal practices, featuring Amy Reynolds (Director of Training for Zola Suite) and Jake Finnell (Vice President at RPost)

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Our most popular RMail® features for lawyers:

Power of Proof: With RMail® running inside Zola Suite, when you send email, you can choose to send instead as a Registered Email™ message. You can send to anyone and without any interaction requirement by the recipient. You get the legal, timestamped, authenticatable, court accepted proof of message content and attachments delivered. And you get this in the form of a Registered Receipt™ email record that even includes open tracking!

Elegantly Easy Privacy: You can also send with Registered Encryption™ which adds elegantly easy encryption privacy (for sender and intended recipient) plus auditable proof of end to end encryption for compliance.

E-Sign Bliss: RMail® for Zola Suite includes an electronic signature solution that supports law firms of all sizes through quick turnaround times, cost reductions, and document privacy & security assurances.

Summary of the Webinar

Amy Reynolds and Jake Finnell will cover important features for lawyers.