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Re-Live Webinar ILTA Evolve Session: The evolution of phishing attacks, how AI is influencing phishing and BEC

There has been an exponential rise in malicious phishing emails. Cybercriminals see AI tech as a gold mine to write sophisticated, targeted business email compromise (BEC) and other phishing messages, which are virtually unrecognizable.

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The session takes a deep dive into the evolution of phishing, emphasizing AI's role in cyberattacks. It covers AI's impact on cybersecurity, advanced AI-driven phishing techniques, and practical strategies for defense.

This session brings insights from iManage, RPost, and FRSecure executives, and is aimed at legal and security professionals that believe it's crucial to understand and combat AI-powered cyber threats.

Summary of the Webinar

  • AI's impact on cybersecurity
  • Advanced AI-driven phishing techniques
  • Understanding and combating AI-powered cyber threats