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RESPRO: What's New & Cool in Cybersecurity for Settlement Service Providers

Presented by RESPRO and RPost, this free cyber-awareness, tools and tips webinar showcase will include insights from Ken Trepeta, RESRPO Executive Director, RPost CEO Zafar Khan, and World Wide Land Transfer CEO Marc Shaw. This educational session is available for all RESPRO members as well as any other title insurance, escrow, transactional lawyer or other settlement service provider.

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This session will review, step-by-step, how sophisticated email crimes unfold -- either attacking you (as a sender) or with consequence to you (as an email of yours is intercepted at your client or recipient and you are cut out of the ensuing back-and-forth). We will also review new PRE-Crime tools that can detect these in progress, after the hook is in but before the steal.

Summary of the Webinar

The Real Estate Services Providers Council® (RESPRO®) has re-affirmed its identification of the value that RPost services bring to residential real estate settlement service providers, with RPost’s newest targeted cyberattack pre-emptive technology; RMail PRE-Crime. RESPRO selected RMail as top pick in the past, in its Cybersecurity and Compliance Buyer’s Guide when Business Email Compromise trickery first emerged as a sophisticated cybercriminal lure causing real estate professionals and home buyers to mis-wiring escrow funds. The FBI reports losses in the last year alone are at least $2.4 billion in mis-wires, causing closing funds to be sent inadvertently directly to cybercriminal accounts.