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RPost and ARM eSecurity Tech Tips: How We Can Help Your Agency Stay Ahead of The Game

A product session with reference to the security and compliance platforms offered by RPost and its partner Associated Risk Managers.

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Our great panel will run through the latest e-security tech tips to help keep you safe when working online. We’ll look at some of the latest advances which are already making a huge difference to how our customers interact securely via email plus having the ability to check the security of their recipient’s mailbox. Join us as we look in depth at this as well as other gamechangers for the InsurTech world.

Summary of the Webinar

This webinar will cover the following topics:

  • The state of play in today’s cybercrime world - What are the risks to your business?
  • How RMail’s Pre-Crime module keeps you safe and protected BEFORE any crime can happen. Plus how our Active Tracker technology works to prevent eavesdropping on your threads.
  • Data Loss Prevention – How RMail’s features keep your data safe and eliminate Human Error with AI technology and recommendations at the point of sending.