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RPost and CPN Legal: E-security and E-Sign Features Your Firm Needs in 2023

In this webinar video, Peggy Gruenke and John Ewart will present important features that will help legal professionals.

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The more sophisticated our legal technology becomes the more opportunities your firm can fall victim to sophisticated impostor emails. Every law firm --- and all clients --- are being targeted with the aim to trick staff into sending payments to the wrong party (to the account of the impostor client or employee). These incidents are becoming more frequent and these very real threats are being more widely reported.

We’ll be presenting the newest tech that can run inside your current email platform (install with a few clicks) and alert staff in-the-moment of sending email to the impostor, after being tricked, but BEFORE sent. These real-time in-the-moment-of-sending alerts automatically train all staff -- from back-office to secretaries to paralegals and even the most tech savvy lawyers.

Additionally, you can ensure your mail is being read by the right recipient, catch intercepting eavesdroppers with PRE-crime technology to prevent your important data from being seen by the wrong eyes.

Finally learn about elegantly easy E-Sign which not only makes the process of obtaining signed documents easier than ever before, it will save you money.

Summary of the Webinar

This webinar will cover the following topics:

  • How cybercriminals can access and intercept your private communications through E-mail.
  • Why you should be more aware of your e-security and how you protect your PPI.
  • The tools you can use to prevent email interception and data loss.