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RPost & RESPRO: Cybersecurity AI Thwarts Vacant Lot Fraud Real Estate Hijacks

Vacant lot fraud is one of the latest epidemic-level cybercrimes targeting real estate professionals that has successfully siphoned off hundreds of millions of dollars from unsuspecting property buyers. If uncaught, buyers purchase vacant lots and build homes, only to later find out that the true owner never actually sold the lot. Legal and financial chaos ensues. Hear how RPost and RESPRO have unleashed the latest in AI-infused cybersecurity that is thwarting these hyper-targeted steals in a first-hand case study showcased by the CIO of Shaddock National, one of the largest private title insurance companies.

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In this educational webinar, we have invited Jeff Richardson, CIO of Shaddock National, one of the largest private title insurance companies, to share specific examples of how they are using new technologies that are successfully detecting impostors selling vacant lots owned by other parties – posing as the property owner – pre-empting the steal.

Since there will be technical know-how and insights shared that thwart cybercriminal tactics, we will screen your business email domain prior to inviting you to the session. You must register with a legitimate business email address that is related to the real estate, finance or legal professions.

Additionally, Ken Trepeta, the executive director of the largest integrated real estate, title, and settlement association, RESPRO, will share insights on how these organized criminal gangs set a team of up to 30 people to target and pounce on one transaction.

Summary of the Webinar

  1. How these sophisticated email crimes unfold today, step-by-step -- either attacking you, your clients, or partners, but always with consequence to you.
  2. AI-powered solutions like RMail's targeted vacant lot fraud attack pre-emption tech that thwart these very real threats -- before the steal.