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RPost & RESPRO: Spy vs. Spy, Exposing the Dark Side of AI Causing Wire Fraud

Join this webinar to learn how your team can see the unseen, when it comes to cybercriminals actively tricking your clients -- and their clients -- into mis-sending money.

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It's Spy vs. Spy. Black-hat spies are eavesdropping on your deal-related emails often at the recipient, using the dark side of AI so that their cybercriminal lures trick even the most aware.  These cybercriminals are getting into closing portals and posing as buyers, sellers, agents, brokers, closers, lawyers, and lenders. Their schemes are like a hydra head, with so many approaches it is ever more challenging to train for. The US Secret Service says that people are mis-sending on average $150,000 and there are complaints every 37 seconds.

The tech we share in this session is unique and won Innovator-of-the-Year for DTM from Aragon Research, with successful case studies shared at RESPRO workshops and recently in the ALTA newsletter.

Summary of the Webinar

In this webinar, we'll share the latest AI-empowered cybercriminal tactics, and how some in the industry are using tools to essentially hack the hackers, eavesdrop on the cybercriminal eavesdroppers, and see the unseen. You need your team, your IT, to use white-hat spy tech good guy AI to see precisely where the cybercriminals are lurking, phishing, planning, and stealing funds.