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RPost's AI Roadmap, AI from a Left Brain and Right Brain Perspective

The 1990's were about personal computers. The 2000's about the web browser. The 2010's we were all-in on mobile. For the 2020's we're entering an entirely new paradigm of computing; a new generation around AI mimicking not only the analytic mind, but the creative.

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There has been for the last year or few, quite a bit of conversation about AI and products that use AI --- including important RPost products and innovations. So, what's really "new" today?

To help you decode the current state of AI, we're holding a special web briefing for our shareholders and investor community. In this session, We'll cover AI...

-    From a “left brain” analytical and “right brain” creative perspective, 
-    What’s "really" new, demystifying all this AI chatter,
-    The AI technology stack and money investments,
-    The AI intersection with eSign and eSecurity,
-    RPost’s AI roadmap (and what this may mean from a shareholder perspective)

Summary of the Webinar

We'll be building on our recent discussions with AI-centric senior executives at Google, Microsoft, Aragon Research, and IDC.