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RPost’s NetVU Top Tech Picks: Insights from the Field

In this webinar we’ll showcase which of RPost’s latest innovations your fellow NetVU’ers found compelling, beyond our industry-popular Registered Encryption™ services.

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We’re providing a re-cap of what your peers at NetVU found most enticing, when it comes to RPost’s newest technologies. For those who are not “NetVU’ers” or could not attend in Austin, or did attend and would like a recap for your team, we thought we would invite you to our NetVU sponsored webinar.

Summary of the Webinar

This webinar will cover the following topics:

  • RSign tight integration into Outlook. What’s new is one can compose an email in Outlook with addressees, attachments, and message templates (often populating from AMS360) and when they “send” in Outlook, all of that information populates RSign web application automatically, so the document is ready to send for signoff (after adding the e-sign guided signing controls). Sent items and signoffs can be attached to AMS360 or other platforms from the Outlook sent folder and/or inbox.
  • RMail Email Eavesdropping detection, which alerts the sender and/or sender IT if an email to a recipient (payment instructions, invoice, etc.) is being actively eavesdropped on AT THE RECIPIENT by a cybercriminal, which often a precursor to a BEC mis-wire aka payment sent to the cybercriminal rather than the payment sent to the sender (or designated transaction escrow). (Runs on top of RMail encryption.)
  • RDocs which is like a remote control to kill mis-sent documents even after the send, download, upload, share, etc. PDFs and DOCs are converted to RDocs, the viewer sees the content like they would see any PDF opened in their browser, yet the sender retains control and can kill or expire the documents at will, and can gather insights into who is viewing what when. There is no storage – documents are sent as attachments to email, just like sending a PDF. Note, our polls show 74% of insurance brokers have mis-sent sensitive information to the wrong person, making this a means for data leak prevention (if such happens). You can send from Outlook or a web portal, or configure the RMail Gateway to automatically convert PDFs en route to this RDoc format en route (recipient experience is the same as a PDF).