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Smart Partner Webinar Series

For RPost Partners: RSign Smart E-Sign™

RSign Smart E-Sign™ services provide the easiest way to send documents for recipient e-signoff, whether one-off, sending in bulk, automating, or sending from within other business systems.

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What You Will Learn

This session includes partner training. First, you will learn about RSign’s feature-richness, so you can, with confidence, confirm that RSign does what your clients need today (and may need tomorrow). Second, you will understand the art-of-the-possible with RSign, using the RSign apps, connectors, or API integrations. Finally, we’ll share why RSign is the logical choice in terms of affordability, especially when clients are ready to scale – to do more with smart e-signatures.

Why this is Important for RPost Partners

Are you or your clients looking to optimize signatures for contracts, email security automation, or privacy compliance? You’d be surprised at how many organizations are using or underutilizing cumbersome technologies simply because they were included in some bundle or tangential offering.

At RPost, we’re here to help you bring smarter e-sign, e-security, and e-compliance solutions to your clients. By learning about our Smart products, you’ll discover ways to:

  • Add your professional services acumen to our smart e-sign and e-security products to maximize your clients’ (and your) benefits,
  • Migrate your clients’ direct-purchase of clunky or over-priced e-sign or e-security solutions to your supported Smart RSign with its feature-richness and more affordability, and RMail with its e-security automation, and
  • Diversify your offerings beyond M365, minimizing incentive for your clients to migrate to direct Microsoft billing.

Main Presenter: Alex Khan, VP Products, RPost. RSign E-Signature Expert.

When: Tuesday 16 March, 8am PT / 11am ET / 4pm UK / 5pm CET