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Insurance Tech Tips by Steve Anderson

E-Sign Tech Tips: Many organizations started using e-signatures with a vendor out of need to gets going quickly; but now they are realizing it may be time to explore options --- either for more affordability as they scale their e-sign use, or for other new needs like friendlier support or access to specialized features or workflows. Steve Anderson will explore the rationale to newly explore or to revisit e-signature, and share some tips on key questions to ask when evaluating vendor options.

E-Security Tech Tips: Every organization is being targeted with sophisticated impostor email that aims to trick staff into sending payments to the wrong party (to the account of the impostor client, supplier, or employee). Steve Anderson will walk through the anatomy of today’s cybercriminal tactics, from initial lure to hook and steal. He’ll also showcase the newest tech that can run inside Outlook and alert staff in-the-moment of sending email to the impostor (after tricked), BEFORE sent.

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Join us for this double-feature webinar, on e-sign and e-security, with Insurance Technology Experts Steve Anderson, InsurTech Guru & CEO at Catalyit™, Jake Finnell, Vice President at RPost and Zafar Khan, CEO at RPost.

Summary of the Webinar

Steve Anderson, Zafar Khan and Jake Finnell will cover the following topics:

  • How to (Re) Evaluate E-Sign Vendors.
  • How to Thwart Today’s Top Cyber Criminal Tricks.