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Steve Anderson: The Tech Inflation Hedge

It seems everything is getting more expensive. Staff want raises to keep up with inflation. Tech suppliers are increasing prices under the inflation guise. And, unfortunately, money does not grow on trees. What does this mean? Profits are squeezed. In this Steve Anderson exclusive webinar sponsored by RPost, you can now learn how to think about technology as an inflation hedge.

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Think of it this way: For every $10K you spend on an e-sign software service, if you switch to RSign e-signatures, you can put $5K back into your pocket. It generally costs less than half that of other major e-sign company services – with no skimping on features, security, or user experience. Plus, RSign is reported by our readers and verified customers to be much friendlier to work with. And for every user you move to RMail — since it is one install that does it all — you can reduce your costs for other email encryption and file share services.

Reducing cost cannot mean reducing security. As your staff becomes more strained (perhaps fewer people needing to each do more), targeted cybercriminal activities become more successful. This is true especially for those criminals who aim to induce mis-payments via human error (i.e., sending money to the cybercrook instead of the true intended recipient).

Summary of the Webinar

Steve Anderson, InsurTech guru and CEO of Catalyit, will provide insights how to trim tech costs all the while ensuring there is no skimping on functionality or security. This important webinar will be sure to help you boost profits in uncertain economic times.