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Sun Corporation & RPost: Simplifying Email Encryption for Enterprises

In this webinar, Sreenath Gottivedu and Rakshit Pandey, Sun Corporation present important email security, encryption, and delivery features that will help enterprises to ward off threats.

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Sreenath Gottivedu, Client Success Manager, RPost & Rakshit Pandey, Director, Sun Corporation will showcase how enterprises can secure their email communication by leveraging the most affordable & feature-rich RMail®. The webinar will focus on how RMail® specializes in security and compliance with its top-rated email encryption, auditable proof-of-privacy compliance, and certified e-delivery services.

Summary of the Webinar

The webinar will cover:

  • Email encryption options
  • A how-to on authenticating an email original
  • Presenting evidence of email transmission and timestamped content
  • Re-constructing validated e-originals
  • Tracking and proving end-to-end private e-delivery compliance
  • Sending Registered Email™ messages, either manually from an email program/business management platform, or automated using SMTP email routing or API