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Top 5 Tech Insights for MSPs from Cloud Summit

Well, Ingram Micro outdid themselves again; Cloud Summit in Miami was quite an event -- South Beach style poolside parties with live bands, and of course, the latest and greatest in tech for MSPs to bring to the world. Join Zafar Khan, CEO at RPost on this 30-minute post-conference briefing, where will share and review 5 top tech trends and insights we heard from MSP attendees - in the context of what is available today for Ingram Micro partners in all markets – with full CONNECT integration and high recurring MSP margins.

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Top 5 Tech Insights from Summit:

1. Microsoft Office is Great, But Can Easily Be Made Better for Users AND More Profitable for MSPs.

Our team introduced RPostONE – one install that does it all. R1 adds email security (dynamically-adapting-for-ease-of-use email encryption, open tracking, certified e-delivery proof, secure large file share, impostor protection, lookalike domain alerts) and electronic signatures inside Microsoft Outlook and Office.

2. Security Training for Users Needs to Be Automated and Ongoing, In-the-Moment of Sending.

Our team introduced RMail Recommends™ AI that, in-the-moment-of-sending, automatically sensitizes users of their need to treat certain messages differently and encrypting if so. The AI also identifies newly created “lookalike” domains in recipient addresses -- common cyber thief impostor domain trickery that often leads to mis-wiring or paying fake invoices – and alerts the sender after they click send, before sent.

3. Check-the-Box We Have Encryption Does Not Make Encryption Usable Often. There Needs to Be a Better Way.

We heard from MSPs that, as the need for email encryption increases, clunky and recipient-complex systems create more support issues. What we’ve heard is the RMail encryption formula is spot on. Simple for Recipient = High Open Rate = Happy Sender = No Support Calls to You.

4. What E-Sign Bliss Means for MSPs -- Big Cost Savings Can be the Catalyst to Encourage Your Clients to Phase Out Client “Directly Purchased” E-Sign, in Favor of a Feature-Rich and Much More Affordable Alternative Sourced via Ingram.

We found that many MSPs had clients that directly purchased e-signature services --- if they did, the cost savings of RSign make it exciting to help them switch (to MSP-sourced via Ingram e-sign) or if they are not already using e-sign, easy to get started.

5. Microsoft Azure Information Protection, While Solving a Problem, Creates Too Many Hurdles for Viewers.

We introduced RDocs. It puts security into the document so doc owners can track doc views and doc popularity, control location availability, or unsend/kill documents, even after the send. RDocs is ubiquitously accessible (no companion software or extra Microsoft licenses for document viewers) and solves the problems of AIP; designed to make document security mainstream.

Summary of the Webinar

In this webinar, Zafar Khan, CEO at RPost will cover important tech trends and insights from MSP attendees at the Ingram Micro Cloud Summit.