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Convert PDF to Fillable Form

RMail and RSign makes it easy to convert any form PDF into a web form that can be associated with any website button or link in an email, with advanced functionality such as back-filling form data into an organizations’ CRM or ERP system, in addition to creating a PDF of the form data, all data and PDFs transmitted encrypted to the standards required by HIPAA, GDPR, and other data privacy requirements.

  1. Use RSign interface or iFrame RSign web application into sender application

  2. Create a web form template (with fields, with or without eSignature)

    1. Upload PDF or DOC form into web user interface

    2. Drag and drop fillable form fields

    3. Optionally add electronic signature fields

    4. Optionally map desired form fields in the template to sender application fields

      1. Configure REST APIs or use a pre-configured CRM application like the RMail and RSign app

  3. Map the static link to an email template or website button