Email Security and Privacy

Email Security and Privacy

July 07, 2021 / in Blog, Tech Essentials / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

Independence from Big Brother, Big Tech and Big Putin

This time of year, Americans are obviously thinking about independence. And this year, independence will take on even greater importance because the lockdowns are over, and we are free again to travel to see our friends and family for the holiday.

Every holiday season we all take some time to reflect on the true meaning of the holidays. For July 4th I think we should all pause and think about the true meaning of independence and freedom. Are we as Americans more or less ‘free’ than we were one or two generations ago? To what extent has technology liberated or oppressed us in recent years. If America’s early patriots chucked all that tea into Boston Harbor, will we similarly chuck all our smart devices into the ocean one day?

A couple July 4ths ago we wrote about how the face of “Big Brother” was shifting to “Big Tech” with the whistleblower being the US Congress. This was not too long after the quaint old days of Edward Snowden. Then we found out that the Russians were leveraging social media to influence our elections, and that was just the beginning of various state-sponsored incursions into our lives. And just this week Tucker Carlson alleged that the National Security Agency — charged with monitoring communications abroad to keep the U.S. safe — is spying on him in hopes of getting his top-rated show canceled.

Unfortunately, it seems like the days where there was a reasonable expectation of privacy from corporations, governments (foreign and domestic) and non-state actors will not likely return—as long as there’s the Internet. So how best to exercise what independence you may have left this 4th of July? Spend at least one day this weekend completely unplugged—no phones or laptops—and enjoy being around your fellow, non-hackable humans (friend or family form) at the beach, enjoying a hot dog and fireworks.

Also, if you’re an RPost customer, know that we take security and privacy very seriously, and it’s in the DNA of some of our? newest features including RMail Recommends AI-infused e-security (watch short RMail videos here), and RSign RForms. Of course, cutting edge new eSign, e-security and privacy features were discussed extensively at Optimize!2021. Please click here to re-live sessions from the conference.

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So please enjoy your long weekends, and I hope you can experience some freedom and independence from your hectic digital lives. And remember, we at RPost are here for you, to make your digital lives more blissful and more secure. Contact us to learn how.