London Legal Market Special Briefing Sponsored by Speechly Bircham

London Legal Market Special Briefing Sponsored by Speechly Bircham

January 11, 2011 / in Blog, Registered Email™ / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

For those in the London legal market, you might be interested in attending a special briefing sponsored by Speechly Bircham. Details follow…

Discussion led by:
– Robert Cohen, IT Director at Speechly Bircham
– Zafar Khan, CEO, RPost

Location and Time:
Date      Tuesday 25th January 2011
Time      16.00 to 17.00pm followed by bar
Venue    Speechlys offices, 6 New Street Square, London

RSVP Required – Seating Limited: Send RSVP or questions to Jane Hastings at

Discussion Topics:
Registered Email™ services have been used in the UK for several years by the largest insurance companies, and globally by the largest law firms. But why has this not yet been widely accepted in the London legal market?

Learn from Robert Cohen why Speechly Bircham, a limited user of RPost’s Registered Email™ services for years, has just now deployed RPost services firm-wide as a set of end-user tools in the firms lawyers, built into the standard Outlook image. Understand how Speechly Bircham and others in the London market are sending Registered Email™ messages for proof of receipt of contract and legal notices; and using the service’s integrated electronic signature and contract services for obtaining recipient and multi-party handwritten electronic signatures on contracts. The service also permit Speechly’s users to send end-to-end encrypted email while retaining proof of compliance with encryption requirements to prove any downstream data breaches were not the responsibility of Speechlys senders or IT…and more.

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London’s Legal Technology Journal published an article citing a poll of the top myths and misconceptions of e-mail that, if not properly understood, can leave your organisation relying on email practices that leave you exposed to E&O risk or may render your email records useless to defend you in a dispute around who said what and when.  Understanding these issues may make you consider the unthinkable – – moving from electronic to paper when dealing in matters of consequence.

Zafar Khan will dissect these common misconceptions and showcase how RPost services are a practical solution to permit you to continue to or begin to operate high value correspondence in electronic form in a manner that protects you from risk and provides you the upper hand in any disputes involving email.

Further, Khan will demonstrate the RPost Office tool for Outlook, BlackBerry and iPad – with advanced new electronic signature tools. In 2000, the electronic commerce laws were passed that permitted great efficiencies for business transactions by use of electronic signatures. However, nearly ten years later, many transactions are still conducted via paper and wet-ink signature, despite the tremendous cost savings and cycle time efficiencies afforded by electronic signatures and transactions. New technology is now available that can provide for the efficiencies of electronic signatures for transactions while retaining the comfort of visual handwritten signatures on contracts.  This brief will show you how to finally put an end to expensive courier, paper, fax, and imaging hard and administrative cost.

Zafar Khan has been operating in the email and electronic signature field for ten years, since founding RPost (, a company that has set the global standard for Registered Email™ services and has led innovation in practical use of electronic signatures in transactions. Khan has worked in the investment banking and strategy consulting fields and has an MBA from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

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Attendance at this meeting may qualify for the CII CPD scheme, but interested parties should seek guidance from the relevant professional bodies.