How to Claw-Back the Ability of Recipient to View a PDF Attachment

How to Claw-Back the Ability of Recipient to View a PDF Attachment

August 25, 2023 / in Blog / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

Check out our latest company-saving feature, which was inspired by IT professionals, built for IT professionals, and is now available worldwide in 19 languages.

There’s this boba tea place near my house (there’s probably one near every house now), which has great tea, but it also has one of the most annoyingly frustrating, yet addictive diversions known to man: a claw machine game.

You’ve seen this before. You put in some money (in this case $1), and you get to operate this mechanical claw over a glass box full of plush toys. Once you position the claw above the toy you’d like, you press a button, and the claw descends on the toy. As the claw makes contact, it slowly closes while also lifting back to its original position. It comes tantalizingly, frustratingly close to grabbing the toy but never does. I won’t tell you how much money I’ve sunk into this machine—but it’s probably orders of magnitude more than the cost of that cheap Pokémon toy!

It's the feeling of coming so close every time that keeps you coming back even though you know you will likely never get that toy and that the toy itself isn’t worth it. It’s totally irrational, and it reminds me a lot of the stories I hear about people lying in bed at night after they accidentally send an email with private client information, litigation or negotiation strategy, health information, or invoice matter details to the wrong person. They came so close to NOT sending the email, but they did, and now all they can think of is getting it back. If only they had done this… instead of that…, etc. 

We at RPost have been busy innovating in IT security and compliance, and one of our showcase newer technologies solves company-threatening human error. When we polled insurance brokers, lawyers, and finance professionals far and wide, nearly 3 out of 4 admitted to, mainly due to Outlook address auto-complete, having accidentally sent sensitive information to the wrong recipient. Some say the other 1 in 4 who claimed to never having made this mistake were simply not answering truthfully. 🤣

Enter RPost’s email claw-back. A claw that actually works every time.

  • If a PDF attachment is mis-sent, even after delivery, with RPost’s latest RDocs technology, the sender, or their admin can, at a click of a button, claw-back the ability for any recipient to view that PDF attachment. Instantly. Easily. Panic averted.
  • Once you claw the message back – or kill it out in the ether – you also retain a record of proof that the PDF was not viewed, thereby providing proof that there was no information breach. And, since you’ve killed the document wherever it may be, there is no worry about a future breach. Pure human-error-killing bliss.
  • Even if you are sending to the right recipient, you never know who they may forward the document to—or whether cybercriminals are lurking in their inbox now or in the future. After the useful life of that document, at a click of a button or on an automated timer, you, the originator of the document, can simply disable or kill it. No future risk. Compliance bliss.

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This feature was inspired by IT professionals, built for IT professionals, and is now available worldwide in 19 languages for our IT and MSP partners to offer via Ingram Micro, TD Synnex, or through our direct RPost sales team and partner program. And best of all, it can all be automated for every email sent with a PDF attachment with a simple mail routing rule or Outlook/Office365 RPost installation. It is compatible with all email platforms and all other email security services inbound and outbound DLPs.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about RDocs and this (claw) game-changing feature. Better than nabbing a $0.42 Pokémon toy, you may just save your whole company.