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September 29, 2023 / in Blog / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

‘Hats Off’ to all those essential workers who make modern business possible. 

We’re building out an update of our LAX Los Angeles conference center and looking forward to inviting all those IT staffers the world over with whom we’ve been connecting via video meetings—but this time in person. That’s right. We’re talking about real, face-to-face networking, idea exchanges, and tech talk while watching a Pacific Ocean sunset and enjoying a beverage with the team.

But wait. It seems once again that the elevators in our building are not all working. Being on the 12th floor (the top floor) gives us some elevator maintenance insights that most people may not get. You see, the people fixing the elevator always must take apart the cables, spindles, pulleys, ropes, and wires from the highest point – the top floor. Gears sprawled out across the elevator entrance and awaiting for the one working elevator to take me down, I sprung up a chat with one of these elevator repairmen. 

“Pretty impressive,” I remarked. “Without YOU being able to build and fix these elevators, without the invention of the elevator itself, I don’t believe there would be cities in this world the way we know them. Imagine if every city had to build OUT versus UP?!” I received a blank stare at first from the guys, but then, sort of a nice grin.

“Yes,” they said in sync. “We’ve never thought of it that way. Without us, the business world as we know it would not have developed; it would not exist.” Bigger grins. 

“Imagine,” I added, “if you had to climb stairs to get to your penthouse office in The Burj Khalifa in Dubai—you know, the tallest building in the world, half a mile high rising 2,700 feet!” (Here’s a fun fact: The Jeddah Tower, now under construction in Saudi Arabia, is slated to be the new world’s tallest building at a projected 3200 feet, 1 km. Walking up to the top office, there would certainly burn off that morning bagel and cream cheese.)

Then they trumped the conversation: “Well, I guess without the invention of the elevator and people like us to repair them, everyone would be in great physical shape—walking up and down so many stairs every day!” With that, I jumped into my waiting, working elevator feeling a little guilty about that half bagel I just ate.

It also got me thinking further that we’re currently living in a ‘spy vs. spy’ world of cybersecurity vs. cybercriminal where there is an escalating war to keep the gears of electronic business turning without eavesdropping and interference by nefarious actors. We (meaning all those IT folks, legitimate computer users, and security gurus) are serving a vital purpose in this modern world, not unlike those who repair the machinery that allow us to enter our places of business in the first place.

We are in fact perhaps MORE relevant today than the elevator, given how many people continue to work from home or remotely! Ok, maybe that’s a stretch, but I hope my point is coming through: by eliminating the barriers cybercriminals put in our way, we are enabling business to flow more freely and in ways never originally imagined—I mean, what if Apple’s network got hit with a virus that day Steve Jobs dreamed up the iPhone?

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So, think… taking the elevator to the top floor to get your agreement signed or RSign® eSignatures

Think… elevator to the parking lot, drive to the post office, and send the certified paper mail or Registered Email™ messages

Think… elevator to the copy room, print a ton of paper, stuff into a courier envelope, and call for pickup, or send via RMail® encrypted file share?

And a big shout out to all the elevator repair people and all the IT and network security folks—after all, where would we be without the elevator… AND without RMail, RSign, or Registered Email services by RPost

To get your elevator fixed, don’t call us. To get the best business eSign and email security solutions, contact RPost.