Save Your Team Valuable Time by Leveraging Email Signatures

Save Your Team Valuable Time by Leveraging Email Signatures

January 06, 2023 / in Blog / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

RMail’s security features connect elegantly inside your existing email programs and business systems.

By now, you’ve heard “Happy New Year” perhaps hundreds, maybe thousands of times. (We’re as guilty of this as anyone with some of our recent posts and emails 😉).

Have you ever considered the amount of time collectively the world spends during the first 10 days of January typing in emails, “Happy New Year!”? It seems one’s first email to a colleague needs this New Year’s email etiquette. Now, you may be thinking I’m turning into some kind of New Year’s Scrooge, but hear me out…

Since we’re sending this a few days after the new year, you may not need this tip for 2023 per se, but maybe you can use it for the year after and beyond. So here it is: consider suggesting to your staff and colleagues that they edit their email signature to include only for the first 10 days of the year a new year’s remark, “Happy New Year! We’re looking forward to a great year working together!” or something similar. This will save your team’s time, as they won’t all individually be writing New Year’s greetings for each individual email. And, for the single-finger typists, this can save a lot of keyboard finger pounding. (Note, your “email signature” is the text you set to auto-populate in your newly composed email, different from an eSignature).

But if this tip doesn’t hit the mark, we’ve got another time saving typing eliminating tip for you. Within RMail for Outlook, you can create a rule that automates the sending of encrypted email to your selected recipient domains (e.g., your clients or professional advisors). Or, with RMail Gateway, you can automate email sending based on message content — and now even attachment content. RMail’s security features provide the best user experience, and our prices make us the most affordable. Plus, our services connect elegantly inside your existing email programs and business systems.

But heck, now we’re hearing that with RMail’s Email Eavesdropping alerts combined with RMail’s elegantly easy encryption for recipients, law firms, title insurance, and other financial firms are simply saying, ‘route ALL of our internet outbound email via RMail for security.’ And who could blame them? It’s an affordable and efficient solution — kind of like changing your email signature to include a Happy New Year remark. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

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We do hope you enjoy these tech tips, and we’ll keep them coming in 2023. As always, feel free to contact us to discuss how RMail should be in your tech toolbox for 2023 (if it isn’t already).